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Sustainable spice and all things nice

Our industry reached a tipping point earlier this year when chef Luke Holder, joint head chef of Hartnett Holder & Co at Lime Wood Hotel and his #ChefsAgainstPlastic campaign went viral. Luke called for suppliers to exercise a more mindful use of plastic in a bid to reduce waste, and his message was enthusiastically supported by chefs who shared their own stories of produce being delivered in unnecessary amounts of single use plastic.

As a supplier, the outpouring of enthusiasm for this initiative could not have come at a better time. After 3 years of planning and development, the stars aligned and our new environmentally friendly packaging was ready to launch.

The new FSC-certified Tetra Pack packaging, produced with raw materials from renewable sources reduces our plastic use by 140 tonnes per year, cutting our carbon footprint by a fifth and helping the chefs we work with achieve greener supply chains.

Chefs can only order what’s made available to them. It’s our hope that by offering more environmentally conscious packaging, we’re doing our bit to aid your efforts to reduce waste in your kitchen. After all, we’re all in this together.

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