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Shhh! It’s the Sharp’s Secret Bar

From its home in Rock, the Sharp’s Secret Bar will be heading across the Camel Estuary in September to stop off at the Universal Cookery & Food Festival in Padstow. Guests are invited to book onto a tasting experience at the bar, designed to revolutionise the way you drink and appreciate beer.

In a setting which is far removed from the festival, beer fans and converts will be challenged to see beer in a new light, and shown a whole range of new ways to enjoy beer, guided by myself or one of Sharp’s other beer experts.

If you aren’t usually a beer drinker it doesn’t matter. We love meeting people who don’t usually drink beer; whether it’s because they think they don’t like the taste or a particular style, or they have had a negative past experience of beer. People often aren’t aware of the vast range of styles of beer so we always see it as a challenge to introduce them to different profiles and flavours, and hopefully find a beer they like!

Alternatively, if you’re a beer aficionado, we’d love for you to join the journey of discovery at the tasting too, and hear your take on the category.

The Secret Bar seeks to encourage existing Sharp’s fans and beer drinkers to look further than their favourite brands and view beer differently. We know you already love and are bought into beer, but the experience will flip what you know about beer on its head and showcase beer styles you think you know well in a new light…

Guests have the opportunity to try our range of award winning beers including established favourites like the UK’s no.1 cask ale Doom Bar and Atlantic Pale Ale, as well as new additions to the family like Sea Fury.

Join us for a tasting experience at the Sharp’s Secret Bar and you’ll hopefully leave with a new-found respect for the process and care that goes into producing high-quality beer, and the tools to be much more confident when discussing beer styles, flavours and profiles.

Hope to see you there!

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