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“Meiko’s launch of the new UPster series signals that this leading European manufacturer is targeting the ‘value’ end of the market,” says Meiko UK MD Paul Anderson.

“Many UK catering equipment distributors, pub operators and caterers have worked with Meiko over almost three decades. Undercounter machines such as the FV40.2 and hood machines such as the DV80.2 have become legends for their reliability and wash quality. But that high regard is also due to the package of service that comes with our machines, including Meiko UK’s own final set-up and commissioning of every commercial dishwasher.

“Now, Meiko has taken the ‘essence’ of those early FV40.2 and DV80.2 machines, added more innovation, new controls and great new styling.

“I am delighted to announce the launch in the UK of the new UPster range – capitalising on those industry legends which are regarded as benchmarks for their reliability, wash quality and ease of installation.

“We are introducing these new UPster machines as Meiko’s ‘entry-level’; but we used to call them ‘Premium’. They might be the most basic machines in our range, but their build quality and heritage are truly world class and, as always, Meiko products come with the support of Meiko Technical Services and Meiko UK project management.

“The difference between Meiko UK and our competitors is about superior equipment and our quality of support before, during and after the sale.

“You can buy a machine that is probably inferior, with customer service that will never be as good as Meiko’s, for not much less that you would pay for the new UPster machines. So why risk disappointing wash results, haphazard maintenance support and a long wait for spares by looking elsewhere?”


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