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Meet Consistent Shred™ at UCFF 2021

Introducing Consistent Shred™, a commercially focussed pizza cheese that delivers perfect performance, delicious results and greater profits for your business.

Specifically created for commercial kitchens and takeaways, the team at Spinneyfields have developed and refined the use of their unique TCS™ technology to produce a great tasting pizza cheese that is easier to handle with no clumping, and zero waste. The performance of Consistent Shred™ is outstanding in an array of applications, used as an ingredient within your recipes or as a topping. Simply put, pizza made with Consistent Shred™ will arrive to the consumer looking better, and with a longer-lasting soft stretchy texture. Consistent quality. Less waste. More profit.

The Consistent Shred™ range is made from top-quality dairy ingredients using advanced techniques, for consistency with every single shred. Your customers can enjoy pizza with no burning, no blistering; just generous coverage, perfect melt and rich texture to keep them satisfied every time.

Get the most value out of your ingredients budget with Consistent Shred™. The TCS™ Technology gives each shred of cheese its firm texture and consistent size. That means less wasted product and a greater yield on every purchase. And, with its easy-to-handle design, your team will be able to save on preparation time, and maximise productivity.

With three unique products to choose from, Consistent Shred™ makes technically perfect pizza preparation easy, no matter what your signature style requires. We guarantee consistent quality with the delicious value-for-money Pizza Topper. Ideal for all uses and budgets. Pizza Topper is available IQF and in packs of 6 x 2kg. You can request your free sample and find your local stockist by heading to

Our Mozzarella & Cheddar is the best-selling soft melt blend and is designed to deliver a consistent melt, fantastic stretch, and a creamy, rich flavour time after time. Mozzarella & Cheddar is also available IQF and in packs of 6 x 2kg. You can request your free sample and find your local stockist by heading to our website:

Last but not least, our premium soft melt 100% Mozzarella – for an authentic pizza result. Superior taste, stretch and creaminess, when your customers demand the very best. Perfect for all bases, this pizza cheese is guaranteed to leave all customers feeling happy. Order yours available IQF and in packs of 6 x 2kg. You can request your free sample and find your local stockist by heading to our website:

Consistent Shred™ is not just for pizza. Anything on your menu that requires a creamy sauce or mouth-watering cheesy topping can achieve TCS™ perfection with Consistent Shred™. From panini sandwiches and mac’n’cheese – to baked dishes like lasagne and enchiladas – your meals will arrive at the table with soft, smooth and irresistible cheese appeal.

Welcome your customers back time and time again with Consistent Shred™. Now that restaurants and eateries can fully open their doors again, you can offer your customers top quality food every time. Consistent Shred offers quality without compromise. The team are always happy to help with any questions you may have.

Venturing out to the Universal Cookery and Food Festival this year? You can catch Consistent Shred™ at their 2021 event. On the 14th September, you can see Consistent Shred™ first-hand and experience the great tasting product for yourself as well as getting the chance to meet the experts behind the technically perfect pizza cheese.

For more information on Consistent Shred™, you can visit our website or get in touch with the team at


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