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How convenient - with Custom Culinary®

In these trying times, there is a renewed interest in creating safe, simple ways for consumers to enjoy restaurant-quality meals from the comfort of home. Staying in has become standard as consumers limit their away-from-home excursions. Operators must prioritize seamless drive-thru, takeout and delivery programs to provide a sense of security for uneasy consumers—but finished dishes should still look and taste amazing. Tamper-proof packaging will be an area for innovation, with inspiration coming from bubble-tea-style sealed cups and adhesive-sealed takeaway bags.

Expect to see portable versions of chili, curry, bibimbap or even a full barbecue dinner—anything and everything that can be served in a wrap, bun, cup or bowl. The meal kit revolution will continue across foodservice and retail, too. Family-sized restaurant meals available in the grocery store give consumers a break from scratch cooking, with a taste of the sit-down experience they crave. As we look to expand the possibilities of restaurant-style dining, the need for convenience is more important than ever.

COVID has led to a rise in delivery options as foodservice operators scramble to stay afloat by recreate the dining-out experience for consumers stuck at home. While the ordering process is almost effortless, often some of the freshness, flavour or experience is compromised in the delivery process. The need to compromise on quality gives packaged convenience food and drink an advantage. Restaurants are fighting back with packaged meal kits and CPG versions of their signature products.

Culinary creativity in action:

Dorset Ale & beef casserole topped with shallot & herb crust

One pot wonder, tender diced brisket, new potatoes, carrots & leeks. Bound in a rich Dorset Ale & Beef gravy and topped with shallot & herb crust.

To create this convenient meal, we used Gold Label Roast Beef paste for the Beef gravy and Chef’s Own™ Coarse Panko for the crust.

Visit the Custom Culinary® website to discover our complete portfolio that will help you create your own convenient dishes.

Click on the play button to watch our delivery/takeout menu designed by our chefs full of innovation, new taste experiences and enjoy them from the comfort of your home.

And if you want more concept inspiration, you can visit this infographic to find additional information on our How convenient trend.

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