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EVEREO the Chef’s choice

Spill the beans then!

The Exever TM technology that powers the Evereo is a closely guarded secret for obvious reasons. With such precise controls over the temperature of the cabinet, it’s hardly surprising to be fair. If you know, you know..

What we can tell you, is that the Exever tech is very much like describing the ‘Intel’ inside your laptop- it just works. Brilliantly.

Some folks describe our Evereo as a holding cabinet, but it’s so much more than that, it really depends on your kitchen operation. We like to refer to it as a ‘precision cooker’

What does it do?

It DOES hold food, and it does an extremely good job too. The ability to control the humidity emitted from the foods inside, coupled with pinpoint accuracy means sous vide meals can be good to eat after 1-2 weeks- Yep, you did read that correctly!

The Evereo ensures the food core temperature is at 63◦C or above therefore pasteurising and rendering ingredients safe for consumption. These strict controls guarantee food is preserved and maintains good eating qualities for extended periods of time.

For the more skilled Chef’s it becomes a 10-grid dehydrator, we have experimented with most foods with some superb results. Temperature range can be adjusted anywhere between 40◦C-85◦C with less than a 1◦C fluctuation.

Imagine a 10-grid water bath too- without the water, and with 10 1/1 Gastronorm trays to play with. And, unlike its aqua reliant counterpart you don’t see dips in temperature when adding more sous vide packs during the cook.

And finally, to the best bit- No need to plumb into a water supply, no hood, and a simple 13 amp plug to get started means you can pitch up pretty much anywhere (even if you don’t have a kitchen).

We can’t wait to tell you more- AND how it can save you both time and money!

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