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Unox UK Ltd: Part of the Global Family

Gary and Lisa Nunn embarked on the journey as sole traders introducing Unox ovens to the UK market back in 2008.

Gary was well known in the coffee arena, having worked for Cimbali and Faema previously. He then set up a business designing kitchens and worked with some discerning clients- Vama kitchens, Red pepper group and the celebrity Chef Giorgio Locatelli.

Lisa, a dab hand in the kitchen, and a devout foodie is financial controller for Unox and joint managing director.

Gary and Lisa were introduced to Unox through an Italian friend, the brand having only been established itself in 1990. They visited the avant-garde factory in Padua in the north west of the country, and immediately become captivated. The decision to bring Unox to the UK was made and the deal struck!

Modest beginnings indeed- their first ‘warehouse’ was in fact the garden shed at their home in Ewshot in Hampshire.

Early customers included Eric Guignard at the French table restaurant in Surbiton, Costco and Asda groups, Co-op stores and an early boost also came from Farmhouse Fare pudding factory in Clitheroe. This customer was unhappy with the performance and capacity of their ovens, after testing Unox they replaced all 42 with our 16 grid bakery units!

Another well-known client, Heston Blumenthal also bought Unox to use at the Fat Duck. A bakery oven- XB403. We still have the old invoice!

From tiny acorns, mighty oak trees as the motto goes, Unox UK now boasts a 14 strong team and a whole host of new customers ranging from national restaurant groups, coffee shops and Michelin starred chefs. These days we operate out of two swanky warehouses in Camberley, Surrey and carry approximately 1.5M of stock.

Always improving and rising- pun intended!

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