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Meat Ageing Guide

Dry meat ageing has been part of the culinary world for centuries, but it has only really hit the heights and tastebuds of the mainstream in more recent years. Many moons ago it was discovered that hanging meat for a period tenderised it, improving the flavour. This method has been evolved and honed with the discovery that dry ageing the meat extends the process and makes it even more sumptuous. But it requires greater expertise, the right equipment and patience, with the flavour developing as the meat matures. We have collated a detailed insight into the process, and have just released our newly-published meat ageing guide.

Ageing means the enzymes in the beef break down its muscle tissue, making it more tender. Meanwhile the evaporation of moisture from the meat concentrates the beef flavour. Many argue the result is the best beef you’ll ever taste. The process is assisted by Himalayan Rock salt, with some suggesting that it prevents bacteria growth, which helps the enzymes break down the muscle tissue and enhance the flavour. It’s essential that the meat is stored not only at the right temperature but also at the right relative humidity, typically 60-90%. This is why a standard fridge or coldroom is not good for dry meat ageing – it will usually have a relative humidity of around 50%, which isn’t enough.

To accompany the superior flavour, meat aging can provide establishments with the spectacle of food theatre. Being able to showcase your wares is a conversation starter, especially if the unit used to age the meat is eye-catching.

We have market-leading expertise in meat ageing equipment. For over a decade we have been working with butchers, Michelin star chefs and casual dining operators who specialise in offering their customers dry aged beef. Led by their requirements and ideas, backed by our own expertise, our engineering team has developed a range of specialist equipment to store meat while it ages to get best yield, texture and flavour. Now we have developed a range of meat ageing products, offering a choice of models, from compact cabinets to large volume coldrooms, to suit the needs of any business, however big or small.

You can learn a little bit more about the meat ageing process by downloading our guide.

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