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Hot Smoked Salmon Taco

Serves 6


1kg Side Wild Alaska sockeye salmon

250g table salt

100g caster sugar

Freshly milled black pepper

250g masa harina (Mexican corn flour)

330g boiling water

10g salt

2 eggs

250ml light olive oil

Squeeze ½ lemon

2 teaspoons Chipotle chilli paste

Water (to loosen the mayo)


Small white skinned Italian onions

50g caster sugar

50g table salt

5 leaves Hispi cabbage cut into small triangles

150g caster sugar

300g water

300g chardonnay or good white wine vinegar

3 small ripe tomatoes (cut into 1/8’s)

Sorel leaves, picked & washed


  1. Make the taco pastry first. Mix the masa harina, salt and boiling water in a bowl with a fork until combined, then knead for a couple of minutes. Wrap in cling film to cool & rest.

  2. Check the salmon for pin bones. Mix the salt, sugar & pepper together and liberally cover the flesh side of the fish. Allow to salt for 2 hours before washing the salt off thoroughly with ice cold water. Dry on a cloth & reserve until ready to cook

  3. Set the temperature of the Bradley smoker to 110˚c, add the mesquite bisquets to smoke Place the salmon fillet on a tray in the middle of the smoker. Cook for 20 minutes.

  4. Once the fish is cooked, remove from the smoker and cover with cling film on a tray in the fridge to cool.

  5. Boil the eggs for the mayonnaise for 5 minutes, then cool in cold water

  6. Peel the eggs, place in a measuring jug with the lemon juice, a pinch of salt & chipotle paste, use a stick blender to mix together. Then slowly incorporate the oil using the stick blender constantly until you have a nice creamy mayonnaise. If it feels too thick, lighten with a splash of cold water.

  7. Peel the Italian onions and cut into quarters, toss in the sugar and salt in a bowl, leave for 45 minutes before rinsing under cold water.

  8. In a pan, cover the onions with cold water, bring to the boil and then remove.

  9. Bring the sugar, water and vinegar to the boil

  10. Cover the onions in a bowl with the pickle liquid, cover the bowl with cling film and leave overnight to infuse

  11. Cut off a piece of taco pastry, knead again for a minute to make it pliable, then roll out to 1cm thick on a flat surface using a little of the flour, cut out with a #100 pastry cutter. Make as many taco discs as needed but make sure not to let them dry out. You need to stack them with a small square of parchment paper in between each one, then wrap in cling film. These can be made & rolled a day in advance & kept in the fridge.

  12. Heat a non-stick pan over a medium/high heat. Take a taco disc and smear with a small amount of oil, place in the pan & cook until it starts to blister and brown. This should take about 2-3 minutes. Turn & repeat on the other side

  13. To serve, place the taco disc on a plate, smear with a spoonful of the chipotle mayonnaise, flake some of the salmon and place on top of the taco, peel a few leaves of onion and toss with the Hispi leaves, place on the taco, then the tomato wedges, finish with a few of the sorrel leaves and a sprinkle of Malden salt.

Hot Smoked Yellowfin Sole stuffed with a seaweed mousse

Serves 4


10 fillets Alaskan yellowfin sole, skinned

2 sheets nori seaweed (finely chopped)

2 egg white

100g double cream

10g Malden Salt

2 large turnips

1 shallot (finely diced)

1 teaspoon sherry vinegar

15g Malden salt

½ teaspoon milled black pepper


40g Dried Wakame

25g Benito flakes

60g light soy

20g slice dried shitake mushrooms

10g yuzu or lemon juice

80g mirin

1lt water

Sesame oil

Olive oil

2 sprigs Lemon thyme (just the leaves)


  1. Make the dashi first. Mix all the ingredients together in a container, cover with cling film and infuse in the fridge for 24 hours. Once infused, strain through a fine sieve. Take 100g of the dashi and mix with 5g sesame oil & 20g olive oil, mix together

  2. Take 2 fillet of sole, dice and place in a food processor along with the chopped nori leaves, blend together, then add the egg white, cream & salt to make a mousse

  3. Take 2 fillets of sole, spread the mousse to 3cm thick on one fillet, then sandwich with the second fillet. Wrap in cling film and rest in the fridge for an hour before smoking

  4. Peel the turnip and grate on the course side of a cheese grater. Put into a bowl and rub in the Malden salt & milled black pepper

  5. Sauté the diced shallot in a dash of olive oil until golden brown, season with a pinch of salt and deglaze with a splash of sherry vinegar. Mix in with the turnip.

  6. Set the Bradley smoker at 140˚c and load with applewood bisquets.

  7. Put the fish fillets on the wracks, season the top fillet with Malden salt & cook for approx. 10 minutes… check the cooking with a cake tester

  8. Once cooked remove from the smoker, cut each fillet into 2, place into a large bowl

  9. Make a quenelle with the turnip, place next to the fillet of sole, warm the dashi and pour over the fish, sprinkle the whole dish with the lemon thyme leaves and serve

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