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Welcome to UCFF 2017

As we move towards kick off for The Universal Cookery and Food Festival 2017 (UCFF), we are delighted to announce that we are launching a brand new website, aimed at supporting the show's continual popularity and growth - and most importantly to showcase and share exactly what UCFF is all about, what we have achieved, any exciting news and updates and what you can expect when participating or attending this amazing event.

To mark the launch of (we think you’ll agree) this beautiful website, we have decided to celebrate by offering our delegates the opportunity to receive 20% off on all tickets sold this coming Friday the 2nd June 2017 – we’re feeling extra good about the show and simply want to share the love! Follow us on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn to receive your discount today #feelgoodfriday

So what is UCFF all about, I hear you murmur… well if you’re a head chef, an executive or development chef, professional foodie or enthusiast, caterer, food retailer, industry supplier, or perhaps a foodie blogger or restaurateur - attending the Universal Cookery and Food Festival may already be at the top of your calendar list for 2017 and if it isn't – frankly it should be.

UCFF provides a unique opportunity for colleagues from all walks to come together to collaborate, network, learn, eat, share and connect, with not only the issues facing everyone in the foodie business, but to regain some of that passion and excitement that makes us all love what we do. UCFF is all about innovation, cookery techniques, chef insights and working together to create a better industry, to be united, to connect with fellow foodies and above all to keep the creative juices following.

Unlike other commercial food events UCFF is completely unique. Having been described as Glastonbury for chefs, it is the only professionally run chef event in Britain that has been especially designed by chefs for chefs. Because of this, UCFF has developed into quite a special show, allowing for the festival's programme content to be much more valuable to its sponsors, supporters, suppliers and attendees and far less diluted - in addition to making itself available to chefs nationwide.

Nationwide, I hear you ask? Yes that's right! One of the biggest and best things about the Universal Cookery and Food Festival is that every year the show relocates to a new region of Britain, so that local chefs and culinary professionals across the country and throughout the industry will have the opportunity to benefit from participating and attending. This approach not only allows for a unique mix of attendees year on year, but also means that every year the festival's programme is brand spanking new, which over the year's has become instrumental and fundamentally crucial to the event's organic growth since they launched back in 2012, moving the show and the chefs who run it, in a very exciting direction, and towards an ever evolving future.

For 2017 the Universal Cookery and Food Festival is setting up camp in the charming fishing port of Padstow, where our host, ‘The Padstow Farm Shop’, surrounded by an array of flowing green hills, will act as the stunning backdrop for this year’s foodie festivities, and is the perfect place to spend a day with like-minded colleagues, friends and new faces.

With new chef speakers being announced every week on our website and through our social media pages (the most recent of which is Executive Chef Jack Stein), followed by an ever growing and somewhat glorious festival programme, UCFF 2017 is definitely the one to watch this year….

We're excited - we hope you are too!

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