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The Versatility of Consistent Shred™

We launched Consistent Shred™ in early 2020 as a range of technically perfect pizza cheeses. We’ve worked with a number of takeaways and wholesalers across the UK as their number one pizza cheese supplier. Now that Consistent Shred™ has grown as a brand, we’ve been given the opportunity to branch out to other suppliers outside of the pizza cheese market.

From jacket potatoes to mac’n’cheese, our creamy and great tasting cheese can be used on a range of different foods as a flavourful ingredient. The versatility of Consistent Shred™ makes it perfect for cafés, restaurants, food trucks, catering and more.

Consistent Shred™ can offer a lot more than just great tasting cheese. We’re known for our technically perfect cheese that provides a range of benefits. With Consistent Shred™, you’re guaranteed perfect coverage every time as well as stretch. You can also keep customers satisfied with no dark blistering and zero fines. Not to mention what makes Consistent Shred™ so consistent, our consistent melt.

We can also offer great value for money as Consistent Shred™ is made to produce zero waste. Its firm texture means no fines and no clumping. With our higher yield formulation, you’ll get an extra pizza’s worth of cheese in every bag. And our easy-to-handle cheese is suitable for all bases and ovens, making it the perfect topping or filling for a range of cheesy dishes.

No matter what your requirements, you’ll find just the right Consistent Shred™. We offer a range of three products, each made with TCS™ Technology that means technically perfect results. You’re guaranteed consistent results with our delicious value-for-money Pizza Topper, ideal for all uses and budgets. Then there’s our best-selling soft melt Mozzarella & Cheddar blend. It has the consistent melt and long stretch of all the Consistent Shred™ range, but with the added creamy, rich flavour of cheddar. And when your customers demand the very best, there’s our premium soft melt 100% Mozzarella. With superior taste, stretch, and creaminess, it delivers an authentic traditional pizza result every time.

While Consistent Shred™ was specially developed for technically perfect pizza, it’s also incredibly versatile. As an ingredient in your recipes, or for anything that needs a flawless creamy melted cheese topping – just reach for Consistent Shred™. Find out more about our range of cheeses and find your local stockist by visiting our website:

Ready to give it a try? Head over to our website and request your free sample! It works perfectly for pizza, potatoes, pasta, grilled sandwiches and more – you’ll find it’s the hardest working ingredient in your kitchen.

If you want to see Consistent Shred™ in action, then visit us at this year’s Universal Cookery and Food Festival. We’ll be at stand 12 in the Farmers Market cooking some delicious dishes using our technically perfect cheese products. You can also meet the team behind Consistent Shred™ if you’d like to find out more about the versality of our great tasting cheese.

Connect with us on social media for updates on products and fun live events like our Demo Days! You can find us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

And remember, we love to see all your Consistent Shred™ creations! Share a photo of your Consistent Shred™ dish by using the hashtag #consistentshred.


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