top of page are chapter coffee roasters different?

Chapter Coffee Roasters are slightly different to that of other roasters, in that they are also Farmers having their own speciality coffee farm over in Brazil, as well as having developed established relationships with quality farms throughout the coffee belt. It is with this unique offering that they are able to deliver their coffee throughout London and the UK.

“For me, coffee roasting takes more than just a love of coffee. It’s always been the science of roasting that holds the appeal; we roast our beans in small batches by hand, which allows each bean to reach its perfect shade and flavour. This challenge of evaluating different coffees in the roasting and cupping process is what gets me up every morning” explains Vinny. A key part of the Chapter Coffee Roasters ethos is sustainability, and feeling good about the beans they source. “At Chapter Coffee the livelihood of our farmers and the quality of the beans we roast are at the heart of our sourcing policy – to us, it is more than simply paying a fair price. We make sure all of the farms, estates and co-operatives that we work with around the world have the same high-quality standards as we do.” continues Vinny

Vinny sparked his passion for roasting coffee at the age of nine years old in the suburbs of Goiânia, Brazil. With so much passion for coffee, he was known to his family and friends as Cafezinho (Little Coffee). Chapter Coffee Roasters is a member of the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, and their coffee beans are recognised by Fairtrade, the Rainforest Alliance and Soil Association Organic.


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