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Real Olive Company launches new 1kg recyclable pouch

The Real Olive Company was founded in Bristol by Karin Andersson and Ben Flight in 1998.

From the outset, Ben and Karin have been driven to create sustainable, delicious food, bursting with natural vitality. As part of this mission, the business continually strives to improve their sustainability credentials and reduce single use plastic wherever possible.

The new 1kg pouches are a result of this continual improvement, meaning that not only do the new 1kg olive range taste and look fantastic they are also packaged in fully recyclable pouches.

“Targeted predominantly at foodservice, farm shops and delis, we have developed a smaller sized resealable and fully recyclable pouch to help save space, cut waste and be easier on budget during these unsettled times” Karin Andersson co-founder said.

Launching this year, the range of 15 delicious, fresh, marinated blends, in their robust, recyclable and resealable pouches, look great in a chiller behind the bar, fit neatly in a busy chef’s fridge and are a mess free and easy to pour option for a deli counter.

Karin continues, “Our purpose is to make life taste better by connecting people to the natural vitality of real food and we believe these easy to use sustainable pouches does exactly that - they’re vegan, plant based and gluten free, completely natural and totally delicious! In essence ‘Love life - Eat Real’!”

The 1kg pouches are available directly from The Real Olive Company or contact us and we will put you in touch with your nearest wholesaler.

About Real Olive Company:

Specialising in organic, fresh olives and antipasti, Real Olive Company source their olives from trusted artisan growers on the shores of the Mediterranean - real people who understand the unhurried rhythms of the olive tree.

From grove to table, every step retains each olive’s natural goodness. They prepare, marinate and pack their olives using time-honoured recipes and cold-pressed oils so you can enjoy the freshest, most authentic olives bursting with Mediterranean sunshine.

Real Olive Company want to build a future where we all recognise that our own health and well-being is intrinsically linked to that of our planet. This is why they strive to make a healthy choice taste great, by creating natural and sustainable food that can be enjoyed together, whilst nourishing mind, body and soil.

For more information or to order some samples, email or call us on 0117 950 1058.


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