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Nourishing cuisine - with Custom Culinary®

Fad diets like Keto and Whole30 come and go, but the concept of personalized nutrition has staying power for the long term. In the wake of the public health crisis, consumers are looking to nourish themselves with nutrient-dense foods in the hopes of strengthening the immune system, improving respiratory health and even reducing anxiety. Callouts like “cholesterol free” and “low fat” are in double-digit decline on restaurant menus while protein, antioxidants and probiotics are getting a boost.

In both foodservice and retail, we’ll be seeing more product and ingredient claims that relate to functional benefits. Familiar favorites such as broccolini, blueberries and kale are expected to continue their “superfood” reign, along with up-and-comers like lemon balm (an herb known for its calming effect).

Products like beef jerky seasoned with powdered chaga mushrooms (purported to have anti-inflammatory properties) or barbecue sauce made with goji and acai berries (both adaptogens) will become popular as consumers look for simple ways to adjust their eating and drinking habits to optimize personal health.

Culinary creativity in action: Korean Chicken Schnitzel with a Korean Kimchi Style Slaw and Soy

Glazed Sweet Potatoes

Healthy food can be tasty and exciting, Custom Culinary® is proud to introduce Korean Chicken Schnitzel served with a Korean Kimchi Style Slaw, Soy Glazed Sweet Potatoes finished with BBQ Sauce. 870 calories of pure enjoyment.

To create this nutritious and delicious meal, we applied Custom Culinary® Chef’s Own™1-2-3 Step Coating System on strips of chicken breast with Chef’s Own™ Coarse Panko Crumb.

To bring a true Korean flavor we used Custom Culinary® Chef’s Own Spicy Chicken Korean seasoning on the coated chicken as well as the Kimchi Style Slaw. For the final touch we topped up the dish with Custom Culinary® Master’s Touch™ Korean BBQ Sauce.

Visit Custom Culinary® website to discover our complete portfolio that will help you create your own convenient dishes. And if you want more inspiration, you can visit this infographic to find additional information on our Nourishing cuisine trend.

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