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Meat Ageing Refrigerator

The art of ageing meat has gradually become more refined since its primitive early days, when our ancestors realised that meat hung for a period has an improved flavour compared to the freshly slaughtered varieties. Today more insight and technological developments are helping to provide a better quality end product, and the demand for meat ageing has risen. With this in mind, manufacturers have developed new meat ageing refrigeration from walk-in models to front of house refrigerators. After gaining extensive experience in the field through working with Michelin star chefs, butchers and casual dining operators, and establishing a range of walk-in ageing models, we have now released our new Meat Ageing Refrigerator.

With the introduction of this stylish appliance, we have brought robust stainless steel construction together with contemporary design. The interior is perfect for food theatre, with brightly lit LED lighting capable of putting the meat centre stage. Meanwhile the cabinet’s exterior can be customised to suit to any décor, with our personalised Chameleon service. Our CoolSmart controller ensures energy efficiency, while a clear digital display shows the status of the refrigerator at all times.

This new dynamic of meat ageing refrigeration is coupled with the traditional storage conditions. It’s key that meat is kept at both the right temperature and humidity. Our meat ageing refrigerator works at the ideal temperature range, +1 to +6°C, and provides humidity between 60-90%, ensuring that meat ages perfectly. We use Himalayan salt blocks to assist with moisture management, and find that it improves the flavour of the meat. A self-closing door and heavy duty, PVC magnetic balloon gasket provide a 100% tight seal, which ensures that the best conditions are preserved.

Format options for meat storage include classic hanging hooks for an authentic butcher shop look, or four sleek 2/1 GN stainless steel shelves, each capable of holding a maximum of 20kg.

Find out more about our new Meat Ageing Refrigerator on our website.

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