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It’s all about the customer

We’ve come a heck of long way since the early days of Unox UK.

And, our customers adore what we do, because we’re a progressive, innovative bunch.

That reflects in our sales growth over the last couple of years too, enjoying a global 47% with the United Kingdom on a whopping 29% year on year figure.

What’s the secret you ask?

Damn hard work, determination and commitment? That has a pivotal part to play for sure, but it all boils down to a great product in the end.

We’re not an assembly line that imports components from the far east, then screws them together, we’re a MANUFACTURER and that’s what makes Unox stand out from the crowd. 94% of that oven you purchased is designed, created and put through its paces by us. Yep- true story.

Steve Munkley- Executive head chef of the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington cites the combi oven as ‘the item he is most fond of, and could not be without one now’.

Eric Chavot- Executive Chef, Bob Bob Ricard and his very latest addition Bob Bob Cite now has nine brand-new, top of the range Unox ChefTop Mind Maps ovens in his state of the art kitchen in the city.

Douglas McMaster- Executive Chef, Silo restaurant, Brighton. He uses Unox ovens because the solar energy used to produce them makes them an ‘obvious choice’.

Ronnie Murray- Great British menu, and Executive Chef of Camm and Hooper loves to sing our praises too. ‘Being able to clean the unit, without handling the chemical is a stroke of genius!’ and he goes on to state ‘once you go to Unox, you never go back’.

The list of compliments we receive is growing as fast as our client portfolio, and, at this rate we’re set to have yet another record-breaking year.

That deserves a well- deserved pat on the back for all of our efforts- wouldn’t you agree?

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