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The Small Kitchen & Chef's Drawer

It’s a tough job maximising space in the kitchen, especially when you’ve got a small set-up, where every inch needs to be made to count. Getting the layout just right can be tricky, and making sure that there’s room to keep things flowing smoothly is vital to operating in a compact kitchen.

One of the most efficient methods to save space is the open plan kitchen and dining area. This centres on using units which can seamlessly fill awkward gaps and combine well with other pieces of the kitchen. They provide easy access options, with counter and under-counter fridges and freezers able to be positioned perfectly for a chef to have everything close to hand. Alongside this approach, quality of equipment shouldn’t be compromised, even when there’s not capacity for a full-sized appliance. In response to the need for high performance, more compact appliances, we have developed a range of products especially for small kitchens, which offers a selection of machines that can optimise space, while providing the same standard of quality as our full-sized units.

The latest Williams product developed to sit pretty in a compact kitchen is the Chef’s Drawer. This versatile, stainless steel appliance is an individual drawer unit that maximises refrigerated storage in any kitchen where space is limited. Available as either a fridge or a freezer, it accepts 2/1GN pans, up to 150mm deep, and offers a capacity of up to 94litres. The Chef’s Drawer is designed to fit perfectly with the latest prime cooking suites, such as the Falcon F900, so that the refrigerated ingredients are right where they are needed. Two drawers can be stacked on top of each other, to double storage in the same footprint and allow a refrigerator / freezer combination. Not only is the unit space saving, but the drawer and the internally fittings are easily removable for cleaning.

For more insight into how to make the most out of limited space in the kitchen, download our guide.

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