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How can Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil benefit your cooking?

Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is a fantastic culinary oil, with many chefs choosing to introduce it into their kitchens.

[if !supportLists]- Health benefits

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Cold pressed rapeseed oil is a brilliantly healthy choice. It is low in saturated fats (50% less than olive oil); high in monounsaturated fats, and has the ideal balance of essential omega 3 and omega 6 oil, making it a great source for those essential fatty acids. For health, it is best to choose oils which contain lower amounts of saturated fats as they have been known to raise blood cholesterol and high blood cholesterol is a risk factor for heart disease.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Good oils are vital for bodily functions, including aiding cholesterol reduction and maintaining a healthy heart. Omega 3 also helps form the building blocks for brain and eye tissue development, and is therefore beneficial in the diets of young children. Whilst omega 6 can be found in several food sources, omega 3 is not so readily available. However, the high ratios of omega 3 and omega 6 present in cold pressed rapeseed oil help to address this imbalance, ensuring optimum nutritional benefit.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]But that’s not all. Cold pressed rapeseed oil also contains vitamin E, essential for healthy skin as it protects cells from oxidative stress; vitamin K, important for blood clotting and good bone structure; polyphenols, plant sterols and carotenoids.

[if !supportLists]- High smoke point

[if !supportLists]- [endif]With a smoke point of 230°C, Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is ideal for high temperature cooking. Compared to an extra virgin olive oil, with a smoke point of 190°C for example, cold pressed rapeseed oil will enable you to use a high quality oil at high temperatures.

[if !supportLists]- Flavour

[if !supportLists]- [endif]With a subtle, nutty flavour with buttery undertones, Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil is not brash or punchy, with mellow flavours to make it an ideal dressing oil, perfect for all types of cooking from baking delicious breads to roasting and stir-frying vegetables.

[if !supportLists]- [endif]British

[if !supportLists]- [endif]Keeping food miles low has never been more important. Mellow Yellow is grown, pressed and bottled on Bottom Farm in Northamptonshire. As well as being produced in Britain, Farrington’s endeavour to use British machinery and British ingredients for their dressings, such as Aspall’s vinegars.

[if !supportLists]- Environmental and sustainable farming methods

[if !supportLists]- [endif]All of the crops for Mellow Yellow are grown to LEAF (Linking Environment and Farming) Marque standards, a system designed to promote environmentally responsible and sustainable farming. LEAF farmers care about the countryside, using methods such as wildflower meadow margins, bee hives and regular crop rotation to ensure a sustainable approach to farming.

For more information on Farrington’s Mellow Yellow Cold Pressed Rapeseed Oil, visit their website and find them on stand 34 at UCFF 2019, hosted at Farrington Oils.

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