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How well do you know your dry store?

So often chefs are quoted as saying the quality and provenance of their ingredients is something they simply won’t compromise on. They know the name of the farmer who rears and slaughters their pork, who sows and reaps their fresh produce, and hauls in their daily catch each morning.

This attitude to sourcing ingredients has become the accepted standard, the norm. Any chef worth their salt (or pepper) values quality in their supply chain and those who don’t are seen to be behind the times.

So, with that in mind… Do you know who hand picks, dries, sorts and quality grades your black pepper corns? Do you know that cinnamon from Thailand is far greater in taste and aroma than that from Vietnam? Do you know why that is?

If you don’t, then it’s likely you’re using spices and herbs selected at random by your supplier. You don’t know if they’re the best you could be using, because you don’t know what you’re looking for. If you’re going to spend time sourcing the highest quality cuts of meat, then respect it by using seasonings that have been chosen for their high aromatic quality and vibrant flavours and aromas.

If you’re the best, you should be using the best. It’s that simple.

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