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The full link-up

Today, thanks to advances in technology, the kitchen is becoming much more of a progressive place. Intelligent multi-functional machines offer single unit cooking solutions, which actually monitor the cooking process, and chefs are now getting more time to think and create.

Taking this one step further, we developed the market leading ConnectedCooking system. It connects our SelfCookingCenter and VarioCookingCenter appliances to the internet, making the everyday running of a commercial kitchen significantly more convenient and user-friendly.

Central to our thinking was giving chefs the ability to connect their appliances to a network that could be controlled outside the kitchen on a computer or mobile device. They can change recipe programmes and monitor cooking processes remotely. Meanwhile, maintenance can check how the equipment is running from a smartphone or PC, and the system will automatically notify their designated Service partner if there is a problem.

Taking the cloud-based concept a step further, we recently launched the Rational Training App. If you’re in need of a spot more assistance, the App’s collection of tricks and tips from our network of chefs, alongside a library of instructional videos, can come to the rescue. To see how it works in action, come and see our expert chefs on our stand. They will also be providing live cooking demonstrations – so you will be able to taste how good the results are!

RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the SelfCookingCenter and VarioCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements. Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions. For information and brochures, or to come to a free SelfCookingCenter Live or VarioCookingCenter Live demonstration, call +44 (0)1582 480388, freephone 0800 389 2944 or visit

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