Great Producers = Great Taste

This week we have spent a couple fantastic days with our friends down at the Guild of Fine Food judging on the coveted Great Taste Awards. Over 12,000 products are entered and blind tasted by more than 400 judges. Each product has the opportunity to be awarded one two or three gold stars. However if the exacting standards of the judges palettes aren’t met no stars will be awarded.

For the last two years we have been working with the Guild of Fine Food who have brought their “Great Taste Market” to UCFF in a bid to showcase some of these amazing products to our chef delegates. These fantastic producers invest time, passion and often blood, sweat and tears in to developing some of the best examples of truly artisan foods for both retail and food service.

Gold stars on a product give the producer a seal of approval and will no doubt help to increase the profile and sales of each starred winner. What’s really special for these very artisan producers is the appreciation and opinion of chefs and professionals in the food industry. Artisans would love to talk to you, share their story, passion and their amazing products. If you are joining us at UCFF18 take some time during the day to spend some time with these passionate producers. We are not suggesting you’re going to love everything but if you do find a special little gem please make sure you let the producer know how great you think it is. It really makes a massive difference to a producer to secure the approval of a great chef. Without amazing growers, farmers and artisans we just wouldn’t have anything to put on our menus.

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