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Discover Alaska’s Lesser Known Species

There is so much more to Alaska seafood than first thought. Although wild Alaska salmon and pollock dominate in terms of Alaskan produce in the UK, there are a number of different species that deserve just as much recognition.

Alaska King Crab

Alaska’s cold waters are home to a number of different crab species but Alaska king crab and Alaska snow crab are possibly the most premium and sought after.

Unmatched for its sweet flavour and rich yet tender texture, Alaska king crab is the largest of the crab species and is available frozen year-round.

The succulent white body meat can be served as-is in the shell or used as a premium ingredient in recipes for that added ‘wow’ factor.

Wild Alaska Black Cod

It would be difficult to find any other wild Alaskan seafood species that boasts the same reputation as black cod. Undeniably brilliant in taste and texture, Alaska black cod has snow-white fillets that flake beautifully when cooked and melts in the mouth. So much so, it has become a hot favourite within Asian and Japanese cuisine.

Wild Alaska black cod is harvested by longline and pots in the Bering Sea and the Gulf of Alaska. The season for fresh Alaska black cod is March through to mid-November, but the fish is available frozen all year round in the UK.

Alaska Halibut

With its firm, flaky texture and delicate flavour, Alaska halibut has earned its reputation as one of the world's premium whitefish. The largest of all flatfish, Alaska halibut can grow to an impressive size — over 500lbs or more, although the average weight is 25lbs.

Alaska halibut is often referred to as the ‘steak of seafood’ and is perfect for grilling or roasting in particular. Alaska produces the world’s largest supply of domestic halibut, which is strictly regulated through seasonal harvests and the exclusive use of longline fishing equipment. Alaska halibut is available fresh from March through mid-November, and frozen year-round.

Alaska Scallops

Also referred to as Weathervane scallops, Alaska scallops are known for their large size, sweet flavour and melt-in-the-mouth texture. The scallops are harvested in the Gulf of Alaska, then immediately hand-shucked and frozen at sea for a consistent frozen year-round supply. With a sweet, tender yet firm, buttery meat that is creamy in colour and turns opalescent white when cooked, Alaska scallops lend themselves to a variety of presentations and are always free of artificial treatments. They can be deliciously prepared in a variety of methods: grilled, sautéed, pan-seared, or roasted.

Alaska Salmon Roe

Wild salmon is the fish that underpins Alaska’s ecosystem. The cold, clean waters of Alaska provide a healthy, natural habitat for the five different species of wild Alaska salmon to thrive. Each year, this rich environment yields millions of high quality fish, famous for their delicious flavour and superior texture. It’s these same wild salmon that produce some of the world’s finest roe. Often referred to as “Golden” or “Ruby” eggs, Alaska salmon roe is high in lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Alaska salmon roe products are chiefly enjoyed in the form of two elegant and flavourful delicacies: caviar and sujiko.

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