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Wenlock Spring and the UCFF - The Perfect Serve

Sales of bottled water are soaring. Yet there is so much more to water than drinking from a bottle for refreshment whilst on-the-go. With Wenlock Spring - it is all about the perfect serve and maximising the experience. That is why they are a brand exclusively for hospitality.

It is not just about presenting guests with food and drink - create an ambience, a mood; and choosing the correct brand of water is part of that. Offering a premium bottled water like Wenlock Spring will help to enhance a guest's dining experience, as water is sipped throughout the meal to refresh and cleanse the palate between courses.

Serve with style, and select a glass which complements the quality of the water within it. Even from the bar you would not serve champagne in a Paris goblet, so why present spring water in a cola or fruit juice glass. Matching a glass to the drink shows attention to detail, and it is always these little touches that make the difference. Good quality, deep tumblers work well in a casual dining environment - as stemmed water goblets are more fitting for formal environments.

Spring water should also be served in pristine condition with pride, perfectly chilled - just as you would a fine bottle of champagne or white wine. And just like wine, it should be served in the correct glass to maximise the taste and enjoyment. It should always be included on a wine list - so guests can understand its provenance, and how it can work with a meal - this means that you are serious about what you serve.

Wenlock Spring has a crisp, clean and delicately sweet taste - the result of being drawn from a historic spring on the Wenlock Edge in rural Shropshire. Wenlock Spring sparkling has fine small bubbles, to complement fine food and fine wines.

Served correctly - perfectly chilled with no ice or slice, and in the correct glass for the occasion - reflects the quality of the establishment and how it wants to be perceived by guests. It is this attention to detail that makes the dining experience one that will be remembered, and ensure that guests return time after time.

Wenlock Spring is an independent family-run company, nestled in the stunning Shropshire countryside. Its water is sourced from a protected historic spring, which has been in constant use since 1086. It filters naturally through the rock strata of the geologically famous Wenlock Edge. This provides it with its unique blend of minerals, including calcium and selenium.

Wenlock Spring is exclusively for the hotel, restaurant and hospitality sector - dedicated to enhancing the dining experience. Wenlock Spring premium still and sparkling water is available in a range of glass bottle sizes for all locations and occasions.

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