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a Plant-Forward Future with Custom Culinary®

A Plant-Forward Future with Custom Culinary®

Whether motivated by health, ethical concerns or simply the novelty of trying something new, today’s consumers are more willing than ever to incorporate plant-based products into their diets in unique ways. And the future of plant-forward dining is all about how chefs and manufacturers can satisfy consumer curiosity by improving the taste and texture of vegetable- and legume-rich dishes.

Blended burgers are already a hit, and we expect to see an expansion of meat-and-vegetable blended protein options (such as cauliflower-and-chicken nuggets) along with “meatless meats” like jackfruit pulled pork and soy chorizo.

As more foodservice segments and retail categories stake their claims to the category, cleaner-label options will serve as a point of differentiation. Unique plant-based ingredients will also be showcased beyond the center of the plate.

Plant-based ingredients such as mushrooms, beans and lentils lend their naturally earthy flavors to entrées, side dishes and even beverages. On the flip side, plant-forward dishes that replicate the flavor and texture of meat show no signs of stopping—and they appeal to diners who do not necessarily identify as vegetarian or vegan.

Culinary creativity in action: the plant-based BBQ “ribster”

You can create this recipe Plant-based BBQ “ribster” with Chef’s Own™ Applewood Smoke Seasoning as well as this tasty salad with Lemon Garlic dressing made from Gold Label Garlic paste combined with Chef’s Own™ Lemon Pepper Seasoning.

Visit Custom Culinary® website to discover our complete portfolio that will help you create your own Plant-Forward dishes. And if you want more concept inspiration, you can visit this infographic to find additional information on our Plant-Forward Future trend.

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