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ChicP is a sustainable plant-based food brand which produces nutritious veggie bites and delicious healthy hummus. Founded on a passionate commitment to reduce food waste and eating healthier, sustainable food. Our new strategy is focused on the functionality of our ingredients while seasonal, British produce and educating our consumers on reducing waste being are still a core part of the business ethos.


Our hummus range comes in a wide variety of beautiful flavours, four of which have 30% vegetable content and root superfoods, they are very nutritional as well as being extremely delicious, fresh, natural and sustainable.

ChicP has more recently launched a new range of veggie bites which are very nutritious due to the high quantity of vegetables, creating a healthier alternative to falafel and making plant-based food more exciting and delicious. Keep an eye out for the next phase of their journey, which will focus more on seasonality and local produce with their functional benefits.

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