universal cookery & food festival

An annual food celebration of the seasons & the harvest

We were delighted to host a fantastic line-up of chefs, speakers and topics for the 2016  festival. Watch this space for the 2017 line-up!

ucff ethics organics and sustainability

Is organic production really sustainable in a foodservice market? Does organic necessarily mean sustainable, more ethical or tastier? Jody Scheckter, Douglas McMaster, Chris Barber, Andrew Henderson, Ben Raskin and Nick Taylor will answer these questions and many more in a panel debate on whether organic production really is sustainable in a Foodservice Market due to cost, availability and a desire by chefs in general to use organic produce.
  ucff andrew henderson
ucff ben raskin ucff dougie mcmaster ucff jody scheckter

ucff dead in the water bath

Have we seen the end of ‘molecular’ gastronomy or is it going from strength to strength? Daniel, Paul and Steven will discuss today's cooking techniques whilst showcasing a dish that best sums up their personal style.
ucff daniel clifford ucff paul foster

ucff culinary disadvantage

This session focuses on disability or learning difficulties in the kitchen. Many chefs, such as Jamie Oliver and Daniel Clifford for example, have dyslexia. This will be a panel discussion featuring chefs with a disability or learning difficulty, discussing their day-to-day lives and overcoming the challenges they have faced.
  ucff chris sandford ucff daniel clifford
ucff layla beaumont ucff mona leone  

ucff french revolution

This session will focus on how the food revolution in the UK was started many years ago by industry greats such as the Roux’s, Raymond Blanc and Pierre Koffmann. Tradition is continuing with the likes of Bruno Loubet and Eric Chavot.

The featured chefs will discuss their own culinary journey, their French upbringing and the influence it has on their cooking, whilst also demonstrating one of their favourite dishes.
ucff bruno loubet ucff eric chavot

ucff pudding club

A celebration of the country's pastry chefs. Despite a drive to healthy eating the nation seems more in love with desserts, cakes and bakes than ever. This is perhaps in driven in part by the Great British Bake Off and other cookery programmes.

Our fantastic selection of chefs, will demonstrate hints, tips and tricks of the trade, as well as discussing their own careers and how you off set indulgence with healthy eating. Got a sweet tooth? Then don't miss this session!
ucff claire clark ucff graham hornigold  

ucff local heroes

Local Heroes is dedicated to celebrating the best of the local culinary talent and farming. How important is local produce? Don't miss Angela Harnett, Luke Matthews, Nigel Arrowsmith and Luke Holder discuss their local heroes, as well as history, cooking experiences and stories.
ucff luke matthews ucff angela hartnett
ucff luke holder



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