universal cookery & food festival

An annual food celebration of the seasons & the harvest

As always there was plenty of food, drink and entertainment on the evening of the festival. This all came at no extra cost, and plenty stayed behind to join us for some music, food and plenty of beer! Watch this space for our 2017 evening entertainment...

ucff dingley dell flying visit bbq
ucff dingley dell pork ucff dingley dell flying visit
a passion to inspire
This year's evening BBQ will be hosted by Dingley Dell Pork who will carry out one of their 'Flying Visits'.  Three teams of chefs known as 'The Dirty Dozen' will battle it out to cook some fantastic pork dishes for us all.

Dingley Dell Flying Visits are all about celebrating the pig and its' journey from the farm to the plate, it's a celebration of the skill and the passion of everyone involved, the artistry of the master butcher and the creativity of the chef. The events are fund raising for charity and involve students from  "A Passion to Inspire".
ucff dingley dell pig
ucff the broadside boys
Our band for the evening will be the The Broadside Boys. They are fast establishing a name on the national Folk scene, with performances at Folk clubs and Festivals across the country, and appearances on Television and Radio. With a catalogue of songs inspired by their experience of country life in the East of England, and the characters and events that have shaped them, the Broadside Boys are a dynamic and entertaining celebration of our rural heritage
ucff the broadside boys beach

ucff beers

We have extremely tasty beer supporters for all our guests to enjoy during our evening entertainment.

Sharp's Brewery


Essential Iceland Rational Westlands


Barbers Hoshizaki Sharps


Great Taste 2017 Great taste markets Guild of fine foods JING


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